Since announcing the Yellow Army Away Day (at home) there have been a few frequently asked questions. We will keep this page up to date with any new ones that come in:


Q: What even IS the Yellow Army Away Day (at Home)?
A: The Yellow Army Away Day (at home) or #YADDAH for short is admittedly a silly idea. Our intention has been to reflect that silliness in promoting it and we are hoping that all Oxford fans might embrace that, but there is of course a serious objective. The aim is to increase attendance through promotion of the game, and to bring something of our intense away backing to a home game. Pep and the players have all commented on how fantastic our away support is, so the thinking is, ‘can we do anything to bring that to a home game’?

A convenient part of this is that we get to enjoy Oxford, a word class attraction from visitors around the world, as if it was an away destination. Granted, it takes imagination, but the thinking is that if you get in the frame of mind of planning your activities in the city centre before the game as you would an away game, then you might bring some of that spirit with you to the game.

Q: Where is the game being played?
A: The game is being played in Oxford, at the Kassam Stadium. It’s not an actual away game.

Q: What have you got organised?
A: One of the great things about an away day is that everyone does their own thing, and as the Yellow Army is EVERY Oxford United fan that’s a diverse group to cater for.

Take Blackpool as an example, there were people playing crazy golf, lads in pubs and clubs, and families on donkeys on the beach. We don’t therefore want to be too specific in telling everyone what to do. Oxford is your oyster, enjoy it. Nevertheless, we know that a pre and post-match pub is an essential for a lot of fans and to that end we have provided a list of “Yellow friendly” pubs:

Personally, I can recommend the breakfast at the Wig & Pen, especially with a pint, a great way to start the day. It’s anticipated that this will be the main point pre-match for anyone that wants to make an early start to the day. More to come on this nearer the time, but we are talking to the pubs to make sure this will be a memorable occasion.

Q: Is it appropriate to be doing this on Armistice Day?
A: There is a full football league programme on the 11th. Everyone is more than welcome to recognise armistice day as they see fit. Many will no doubt recognise 2 mins silence at 11am to show their respects.

Q: How am I going to get to and from the ground?
A: A full range of options from trains, to buses and taxis are detailed on the Yellow Army website. In addition, for anyone that wants to make a weekend of it, we have included some hotel choices and even put a link up for you to research what restaurants you want to patronise.


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