The Yellow Army is the name of Oxford United supporters.

It has simple aims: to raise money for the Oxford United Youth and Community Trust (youth and women’s team), support the club where required, improve the match-day experience and bring the club, supporters and wider Oxfordshire community closer together.

The Yellow Army work on a range of initiatives bring more colour and noise to the stadium and raise funds for the benefit of the club. It was formed in the summer of 2013 when a small group of supporters who believed more could be done to unite supporters and the club, improve the match-day experience and raise funds to help the club in new ways, joined forces and gained the support and understanding of our club.

Oxford United have been supportive ever since and through the dedication of a team of independent volunteers and the support of U’s supporters the Yellow Army has established itself at the heart of the Oxford United family.

The Yellow Army does not operate an official membership scheme, as every Oxford fan is a part of it and fans can get more involved by volunteering. The Yellow Army operates a range of projects to support various aspects of our club and improve the match-day experience to make it a better day out for fans and to help cheer on our team.

Whether it is putting on a party, sponsoring a player’s shirt, or buying flags, we strive to make a difference to United fans and our club in both big and small ways. Collectively it is making a difference.

It is understood that it is impossible to please everybody all of the time. However, we believe that contributing to a better atmosphere and match-day experience at Oxford United games, strengthening the bond between the club and fans and raising money to support the youth and women’s teams is something that many Oxford fans think is important.