Yellow Army? WHO ARE YER?

That group of lads that have been singing loudly non-stop from the first to the final whistle of the match? –> Yellow Army

That old lady that has been sat in the same seat of the South Stand for every game you can ever remember and the Beech Road before that? –> Yellow Army

That young nipper running excitedly towards Olly the Ox on his first ever game to watch Oxford? –> Yellow Army

In short, EVERY fan of Oxford United is a member of the Yellow Army.  Our membership is in the tens of thousands across the world.  Have some of that on your chips OxVox, 1,000 members? Pfft.

Yes, but who are you, the person that wrote this and runs the Yellow Army Facebook and Twitter account and stuff?

There are three of us who voluntarily coordinate, plan and communicate Yellow Army events and activities, all geared towards the objectives of the Yellow Army (see below).  We had a reshuffle at the start of the season and would like to thank Joe Nicholls, and those fans who were also involved before him, for the great work they have done to get us where we are now.

Working on the Yellow Army now are Mitch East and Tim Walker, led by Simon Hathaway.  We are very committed to the cause, meet regularly and are keen to hear from you on what we could be doing towards our end objectives….

So what IS the Yellow Army trying to achieve?

The Yellow Army has simple aims:

  • To encourage (even) better support of Oxford United.  This is in terms of numbers and the positive, passionate, colourful atmosphere that players will want to play in front of.  We do this through initiatives in close collaboration with the club and OxVox
  • To raise money for the Oxford United Youth and Community Trust, and in line with the Trusts objectives, unite the Oxford United fan base to help the wider Oxfordshire community and Sue Trafford and Mick North already raise thousands of pounds through their match day activities, selling programmes and merchandise in support of the Yellow Army

Examples of previous Yellow Army initiatives are things like the fund raising sponsored walks to the stadium, events during the preseason tours, and matchday events such as the retro day.

We don’t get involved in politics, so don’t ask us about takeovers, chairmen, or landlords, we simply want to do everything we can to ensure the fans experience is the best it can be and conducive to the success of Oxford United on the pitch.

If you would like to get involved with this then please let us know.  Our email address is

What do you have planned?:

There are plenty of exciting activities in the pipeline, and we have had meetings with Niall McWilliams, the communications team at the club as well as Oxvox, as we believe there is much more we can achieve to boost fan engagement and improve match day through close collaboration.

We are currently planning some match day events for this season (keep your eyes peeled for news on this soon) and preparing for pre-season.  A longer-term project is looking towards Oxford United’s 125th anniversary next season and for that we will be appealing for your help with some of the things we’ve got planned (keep your eyes peeled for news on this soon as well.)


WE ARE ALL THE YELLOW ARMY – Come on you yellows!